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Debian packages are included in Debian unstable (sid).

You will have to fulfill some system requirements to successfully compile and install libSigCX:
  • GCC/G++ 2.95.2 or higher. Available from your distribution or GCC Homepage. You may try a different compiler than g++, but in that case, expect to run into trouble. In this case you best subscribe to the mailing list. I am happy to help efforts of porting libSigCX to a new compiler.
  • You also need libsigc++, which libSigCX is built upon. Note that you need the at least version 1.1.13. You can use the CVS or get a tarball from its SF file page.
  • For thread support, you currently have two options: POSIX Threads (available on most systems, preinstalled on e.g. Linux) or GLib Threads. The libsigcx configure script will detect the above, if installed, and will chose POSIX Threads over GLib.
Once you successfully compiled and installed all the above resources, you should be ready to get the libSigCX Sources from it's Sourceforge download page.
GNU Arch
You can also get libSigCX from GNU Arch repository instead of downloading a tarball:

tla register-archive
tla get libsigcx

In this case you will need the following additional tools to build libSigCX:

After you are sure you have installed all these tools, set the source directory up by runnning

cd libsigcx && ./

Now you should be able to proceed with the next section.

The compilation and installation follow the standard scheme:

./configure configuration-args
make install # do this as root

The only thing you should pay attention to is using the right configure flags.
You might want to use '--enable-static' if you need a static library and '--enable-debug' for debugging symbols. See './configure --help' for more options.
Here is an example:

tar -xzf libsigcx-0.6.4.tar.gz
cd libsigcx-0.6.4
./configure --enable-debug
make install # do this as root

If you encounter any problems during install or have other questions, please feel free to send me a mail, or rather use the mailing list.

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